Parenting is not easy but it’s got to be the funnest, most fulfilling job in the world! If all you do is care for your kids and pour into them, you are doing one of the most important jobs that exist! Why? Because you are molding their lives for the future. You are preparing them for the “big world out there”. They are tomorrow’s leaders.

I was never much of a child oriented person before I started having my own kids. I was what you could call a “career girl”, ambitiously looking for adventure. When my precious kids came into my life, I discovered something wonderful: these little ones that God sent my way were amazing and quite the adventure!

Kids are so smart and learn much faster and easier than we adults do, they have so much faith, they cheer us up in our lowest moments, they are a ready and willing sponge, ready to soak up any input that you give them, they are adorable, and the list can go on and on.

If we as parents, learn to turn each minute with our children into a time of discovery as well as communication, then we will already be giving them a good foundation for their lives. When a child feels free to explore in order to discover, he/she learns to love the learning that comes with the exploration and subsequent discovery! And, if the experience is enhanced with communication, he/she learns to relate what is learned to the world around him/her.

I have often been guilty of impatience with my kids resulting in unwittingly cutting a delightful learning opportunity short. Many mistakes have been made due to being so busy with the important things in “my world” to the neglect of my child’s world…which in reality is like the sun of “my world”. Without it, my world would die.

But, it’s never too late. Mistakes and all, we must continue on! After all, how can we become professional parents and teachers if we never make mistakes we can learn from?


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