Understanding a child with ADD

This is a quote that really stood out to me. It’s from a book called Driven to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey.

“Follow the face of a little girl who doesn’t read very well and is told to try harder; who tends to daydream and is told she better pay attention; who talks out in class when she sees something fascinating, like a butterfly on the windowpane, and is told to leave the class and report to the principal; who forgets her homework and is told she will just never learn; who writes a story rich in imagination and insight and is told her handwriting and spelling are atrocious; who asks for help and is told she should try harder herself before getting others to do her work for her; who begins to feel unhappy in school and is told that big girls try harder. This is the brutal process of breaking down the spirit of a child.”

It seems like there are many such children in our lives. Lord help us to use positiveness to lift them up and enable them to reach their highest potential!

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