Learning Styles and Work Habits

I’m learning to take the time to meditate and pray about my kids’ personalities and individual needs. I see that I can’t compare them to each other or other kids. A method that works for one might not work for the other. Each is unique and has their own way of learning from life and it’s imperative that I understand this! When it comes to the kids’ work habits I sometimes run a bit short of patience. Well, when I stop and pray, I’m shown the way. Often the key to keeping myself from feeling like a nag is to stop talking (more like yelling in some cases) so much and pointing out every little thing the kids missed doing. Instead, when I quietly try to find a way to teach the kids how to do better or encourage them for what they did do, clean up times go more smoothly.

I found these notes recently:

Research has helped educators identify numerous distinct learning preferences in people. At home you can also identify some of your child’s preferred ways of gathering information by asking the following questions.

“Would you rather work by yourself, with a friend, or with Mom or Dad?”
Style: Individual, Group, or Family

“Should we use a chart to show your responsibilities, or can I just tell you what you should do?”
Style: Reader or Listener

“Do you want me to explain carefully how to wash the car or would you rather read & follow the directions on the can of car wash yourself?”
Style: Detailed Instruction or Discovery

Consider the example of Erica, an eight-year-old, who spends every free minute with her nose in a book. Her mother’s words seem to go in one ear & out the other. Erica’s style is the written word. A note that lists her job assignments will have more impact than will constantly telling her what must be done. (Most of my kids are like Erica!) In the same family, John likes to talk, & to listen intently as his father reads to him. John can be told what needs to be done & does it–he is a listener! Some children like to work with a group of people. For them a “family clean-up hour” will produce more help than an assignment to work alone. Other children enjoy private time & do an excellent job working independently.


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