To All Mothers…

a moment in timeYour masterpiece

Raising a child is like painting a masterpiece. As the painter applies layer upon layer to her canvas, day by day you shape the life of your little one.
The artist doesn’t begin with the smallest details, but uses broad strokes to map the basic shapes of her painting. Then, with patience and great care, she adds new tones and a little more detail each day, until finally she can step back and admire her handiwork-a finished product she can be proud of.
So it is for mothers: Patiently and with tender loving care, mothers help transform little children into mature men and women.
One day you will step back and admire your work of art. Others will never fully understand or appreciate the years of hard work and loving care it took to produce your masterpiece, but you and I will-and we will know that it was worth it all!

(excerpt from the Aurora Productions book, From Jesus With Love – For Women)

About the photo: Here I am discussing the patterns of an African Batik tablecloth with Kyle. This photo was taken when we were living in West Africa, early 2005. 


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