A Day in Our Lives…

I’ve never been good at keeping a diary and my journals were limited to two or three entries a year. But I really would like to try to say a little something about our family antics at least a few days each week. Hopefully that “little something” could be useful to someone! 🙂

With all that said, I will start with the highlight of today:

Making whole wheat biscuits for breakfast with my kids. YES, I’m quite sure that along with many other small miracles throughout the day, our science class, math class, and home economics class cleverly disguised as a baking project, was tops. I was filled with such a sense of fulfillment and joy as I baked with my kids early this morning.

First of all, I prayed for direction and got that I shouldn’t worry too much about the schedule. I knew that getting involved in a family baking project first thing in the morning would push our schedule back a bit. But, the kids do really learn best by doing things so enhancing their school time with a hands-on activity like baking was well worth the time! Of course, it took us twice as long to finish cooking than if I had done it all by myself. As we measured, sifted, poured, stirred, kneaded, and molded, I discussed measurements, fractions, ratios, multiplying, chemical changes, digestion, etc. I also discussed health and hygiene a bit after catching the kids sneaking bites of the raw dough! The biscuits turned out great and we had a nice bonding experience that got us off to a good start for the day!


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