What My Kids Teach Me

I realise that I’m being a tad negligent of my blogging duties. Life as a busy mom seems to have gotten even busier of late! Well, here’s a little something to keep things going.

Things I’ve learned from my kids over the past week:

1. Kids learn better through play; especially when they play outdoors.–When they get to have more outside time, they are happier during school time, their creativity increases, and their understanding of the world around them deepens.

2. I’m the best, most beautiful mommy in the whole wide world. 😉

3. Guiding my kids lovingly up the path of life is made a whole lot easier by setting clear boundaries and following through and what I tell them.

4. Some of the things that I have corrected my kids for (specifically my oldest boy) are things that I also do. The best way to help them learn and change is by changing myself.

5. Stories, cuddles, and talk times at bedtime are worth so so much!

I’m quite sure that I could keep adding to this list. But for now, I’ll sign off with a smile…how thankful I am that I can learn something new each day and that I live such an exciting life! It’s great to be a mom!


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