Back, once again

It’s been over four months since I’ve posted. I’ve never been very consistent with this blog…though I get excited about my ideas for it. This is why I have never kept a diary.

But things may change.

We have moved and started a new chapter in our lives. We’ve got our own apartment and I am having so much more time with the kids. Since this blog is supposed to be a parenting blog…I hope this will create more inspiration and more topics to post about. We’ll see.

My first post should be about the joys of apartment living. I never wanted to live in an apartment. I used to dread the thought of it and usually would get sick when visiting friends in apartments. But now that I am living in one, I must say that there are so many joys about it that I don’t think about my complaints much. Since I should be getting to bed now, I will write about it soon. 🙂


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