Hiking in the Woods…

Hiking in the woods with my kids…
That’s one thing I love about apartment living, heh. Well, we happen to have one of the Don Rivers flowing nearby and the area is full of exciting hiking and walking trails. It’s quite rugged and lots of fun. Today it was easy to forget that we’ve moved out of the suburbs to the city.

What else?

Gorgeous sunsets…our apartment faces west and today we saw the sky set on fire…clouds ablaze in every shade of red and orange, even sandy yellow. Then we watched as the darkness crept into the night sky and the clouds turned a deep purple which contrasted beautifully with the fading crimson. We get a light show like this almost every day!

Almost every day we climb the stairs to our 11th floor apartment. We want to climb a mountain someday…I never imagined we would start our training in an apartment! 🙂

Photos? None yet. Pray for our camera to get fixed or that we can find a replacement.


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