2012 A Year of Change

The benefit and the reward of raising a family is so great that it is well worth the hard work that goes along with it! Halfway through the first month of 2012, looking back over 2011, I am thankful.

It’s difficult to believe how fast time has flown! I started this blog in 2009, and three years later I am now officially the mom of teenagers and preteens. What a roller coaster ride this is!–And I love roller coasters!

My kids amaze me, inspire me, frustrate me, and sometimes anger me, yet every day I wake up in love! They touch my life in ways that couldn’t be matched by anything else. I guide them, and they guide me. I teach them, yet they teach me more.

2012 A Year of Change2012 is going to be an exciting year for our family. It is going to be a year of massive internal and external change. It will be a year of growth and going beyond our self-imposed limitations. It is a year of believing that all things are possible in spite of circumstances that seem to pull us down. 2012, a year of change.

One of my resolutions and part of my challenge to change in 2012 is restarting this blog. It is my prayer that my experiences and life lessons will be a blessing to others.

I believe that we parents can encourage each other and learn from each other. I’m looking forward to connecting to other like-minded parents who are ready to face the challenges and rise above them, all the while enjoying every bit of the beauty of living in the “now”, the magical present moment where miracles happen!

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Thank you! Happy 2012!


2 thoughts on “2012 A Year of Change

  1. I liked the line best that said I wake up every morning in love. How true! Our love for our kids make us to understand a in a tiny way God’s unfathomable love for us! Next, I love the line that says “I teach them and they teach me more”.

    • Yes, and that Divine love that we can begin to understand because of the love for and from our children, is the most powerful force in the universe! Isn’t that amazing?

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