About Me

Bartlett/Enarson FamilyIndustry: Self-Development, Finance
Professional Mom, Entrepreneur, Leader in Training

I love life and everything about it, and one of the best things about my life is this: I’m a mommy of five amazing kids!

There is so much to say about me, on a personal level, but since the topic is kids, I’ll stick to that part of me. I wasn’t born with the gift for teaching and childcare was never a strong point. But I love learning about children. I have a passion for discovering new and exciting ways to make them happy and train them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Another passion of mine is understanding children and finding the key to their individual needs. There is so much to learn about humanity in general when studying children. I love education sites, parenting and teaching resources, etc. I love to research everything that has to do with children; topics ranging from special needs kids, early childhood education, etc. to teenagers, high school, and such. My computer is crammed with pages and pages of results from my searching over the years. All that to say that I love kids and I love to learn about their training and education.

If your whole body were a hot air balloon, would you stop eating spicy food?

LOL…yeah right!


My kids, personal finance and wealth creation, abundant living, business, self-development, computers, web design, photography, art, people, (the human psyche, sexuality, relationships, etc.) educating children, health and nutrition, human anatomy, medical topics, chocolate, white wine, massage therapy and touching, aromatherapy, scented candles, cooking and eating good food, boats, (my new love-I just went sailing and kayaking for the first time and sort of fell in love with it all), hiking, biking, horseback riding, flying, (for now in my dreams someday I’ll do it for real), soccer, dancing, reading…and now blogging, internet marketing, etc.


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